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Sonata for Oboe and Piano (Alwyn)

(William Alwyn)

This piece was one of William Alwyn’s first oboe compositions and is the earliest one known to be still in existence.  It was written for Helen Gaskill who was an oboist, and she premiered it in 1934 at the Royal Academy of Music New Music Society Concert with her sister Lillian on piano. Its first broadcast was in 1939 on the BBC’s Your Choice of the Week.  It is made up of three movements that have been described as “long and rhapsodic” followed by “song-like” followed by “a lively waltz followed by a slower Coda”.  Lasting approximately 15 minutes the movements are:

  • i. Moderato e grazioso
  • ii. Andantino
  • iii. Allegro (quasi valse tempo) – Coda. Meno mosso e semplice

Nicholas Daniel recordings
Chandos 9197
Oboe – Nicholas Daniel
Piano – Julius Drake