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Take Me There

(Kenny Chesney/Neil Thrasher/Wendell Mobley)

The song written by Kenny Chesney, Neil Thrasher and Wendell Mobley which primarily focuses on a guy meeting a girl who had been previously hurt and who has put up barriers to stop someone else getting to know her and getting too close.

Kenny Chesney had thought of the song several years previous to the final copy and re-discovered his notes on it and contacted Neil Thrasher about it and the rest became history.

The song, which Kenny Chesney decided not to record, went on to be performed by the successful country music group Rascal Flatts as a track for their album Still Feel Good

It was released on 17th August 2007 as the first single from that album and carrying on their success in the Billboard Country Songs chart it reached the No. 1 spot and became their eighth country music No. 1 hit. It also became a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 when it reached No. 19 as well as climbing to No. 33 on the Billboard Pop 100. At the end of the year it was listed as No. 5 in Billboard’s 2007 Year-End Top Country Songs. Outside of the United States it went to No. 49 on the Canadian Hot 100.