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Theme from The Sons of Katie Elder

(Elmer Bernstein)

This composition written by Elmer Bernstein is the theme from the soundtrack of the 1965 movie of the same name with a cast that includes John Wayne, who made his return to movies after having a lung removed 4 months earlier but still insisting on doing his own stunts, Dean Martin, George Kennedy and Dennis Hopper.

The film concentrates on the four sons of Katie Elder who re-unite for their mother’s funeral and their respective relationships with the townsfolk.

The real life Katie Elder was the wife of the Doc Holliday who was a gunfighter at the OK corral.

The movie won the Bronze Wrangler Award for best Theatrical Motion Picture.

Elmer Bernstein Recordings
Theme from Katie Elder (Elmer Bernstein)
Columbia, 4-43357, RZSP 72628 (US promo 45)
Conductor – Elmer Bernstein

(This version is the B-Side of the Ernie Sheldon/Elmer Bernstein recording of Sons of Katie Elder)