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You Might Recall*

(Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford)

This song written by Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford is one of the tracks recorded on the 1982 Genesis 3×3 EP which reached No.10 in the UK. Originally it had the working title “Jangly”.  Phil Collins explained it by saying “We like to identify new material with some work suggested by the sound or the feel of the music we’ve been making.  It’s just a stamp for our own personal reference purposes.  In this case it represented as a cross between Django Reinhardt and the jangly noise of our playing.”

*”Paperlate”, “You Might Recall” and “Me and Virgil” are the tracks on the Genesis 3×3 EP which had been left off the Abacab album, as it was felt they didn’t fit.  It reached No.10 in the UK.  The sleeve of it was designed to resemble The Beatles Twist and Shout EP.

Genesis recordings
(Charisma GEN 1, 33rpm mono/stereo)( UK EP PS)


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