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Daum, Norbert (6th September 1948-Present)

He is a conductor and musical arranger born in Braunau am Inn, Austria, who studied piano, guitar, violin, conducting and composition.

In 1965 he became a member of The Substitutes but left them in 1971 when he moved to Munich, Germany.  He met Ralph Siegel there and wrote many orchestrations for his productions.

He has performed widely, with many appearances and work being done for the Eurovision Song Contest and other television presentations.  He has also worked with artists such as Demis Roussos, Vicky Leandros and The Bellamy Brothers.

During his musical career he has written more than 3.000 orchestrations ranging from folk music to classical and everything in between.

Here he is conducting the Luxembourg entry, “La Papa Pingouin” 1980 Eurovision Song Contest…

Genghis Khan Recordings
Genghis Khan (Ralph Siegel/Bernd MeinungerChristian Dornaus )
Desert Land (Ralph Siegel/Kurt HerthaBernd MeinungerChristian Dornaus )