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Esler-Smith, Frank (5th June 1948-1st March 1991)

He was a musical director/arranger/keyboardist born in London, England, who went to Australia and studied architecture at Melbourne University.  His first love was classical music, however, and he moved from there to musical theatre where he conducted the orchestra for many productions.

He was the musical director of the Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar where he met Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply fame.  He was also with Doug Parkinson and played piano in his band.

He then joined Air Supply in 1978 as a keyboardist and he was also an arranger for them.  He stayed with them until 1988.  Reputedly suffering from AIDS he died in Melbourne, Australia, of pneumonia in 1991, aged 42.

Air Supply recordings
All Out of Love (Graham Russell, Clive Davis )
Old Habits Die Hard (Criston Barker, David Moyse )

Here he is playing keyboards for Air Supply on “I Wanna Hold You Tonight”..