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Goldman, David

He is a tenor singer who began his choral career in high school when he was the founder of a choir.  He went on to study for a degree as an English teacher at Brown University, but instead of following this route, he went on to work in customer care for a plastics company.

Very much continuing with his musical path he has been a tenor since 2004 and a co-librarian in 2007 of the Saint Louis Chamber Chorus.  With them he has appeared in many concerts and on recordings such as A Spanish Christmas and Songs of the Soul.  He can also be heard singing regularly in concerts with the Saint Louis Symphony Chorus.

St. Louis Chamber Chorus recordings
The Angel Gabriel (Traditional Basque/ Sabine-Baring Gould )
SLCC 04 ( CD: St Louis Chamber Orchestra: A Spanish Christmas )
Arranger : Edgar Pettman
Conductor Philip Barnes

He speaks here in this short video about the Saint Louis Chamber Chorus…..