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Assad, Clarice (9th February 1978-Present)

She is a pianist, singer and composer born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is the daughter of the composer and classical guitarist Sergio Assad .

She began her professional career when she was seven and her formal studies began in Brazil on piano, followed by jazz and Brazilian piano. Her classical piano studies were at Berklee School of Music and Roosevelt University in Chicago and they were followed on with studies in composition with teachers that include Claude Baker, Michael Daugherty and David Rakowski.

As a composer she has been commissioned by Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg , the LA Guitar Quartet and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, among others.

As a pianist she has performed in venues throughout Brazil and North America and she has also made several appearances in Europe. Able to sing in Portuguese, English, Italian and French she has appeared on many radio shows worldwide to much critical acclaim.

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg recordings
O Holy Night (Adolphe Charles Adam )
NSS 2066 (CD – Merry: A Holiday Journey)

Clarice singing the song “Alas”….